Wimci 2010-12

August 18, 2010

Am I right or NOT?

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  1. On students submitting copied assignments – “I might give different grades for different submissions … it will be embarrassing for me”
    “Copying is not risky for you it is risky for me … i will give one assignment B and one assignment C … This verification has to be done across the section”
    “When U submit assignment, who all copied, submit it together. Else, for same document I will give different grades and again U will question me. If in the same section, I have to check ninety assignments. If U copy from other section, then one hundred eighty”
  2. On making someone else get printouts – “generally we depute our girlfriend to do this … of course here it is very scarce … they have more options”
  3. On hand written submissions – “People think if they write with hand they will get more marks .. because more hard work … it is not like that … you are not willing to work hard and not even pay money”
  4. On less response in class – “Make some noise yaar .. that’s what is CP”
  5. After listing out the four options available – “Generally we are out of box thinkers and we can come up with a fifth method .. if we have a fifth option then we will select the fifth option and write it on the screen”
  6. On only 70 people raising hands till the second last option – “You assume that the remaining people are in the last option … there are many people not knowing what is going on here”
  7. When a student raised his hand hesitantly – “You are voting for this …. *turning towards class* … because he raises the pencil like this”
  8. On the example where tenant can own part of the house – “It is already risky to give you a house …. if he says you own part of the house … you will own the basement and start destroying the basement”
    “You will start owning the building .. you will start owning the family members of the owner … you become bigger than the owner”
  9. On an untidy submission – “It is like a kirana shop list” … Student -“it is what is written inside that matters” Prof – “Tomorrow you should not write in a newspaper and say read from it …. you should not write in a circle and say start from here (and end here) … …. … … I am an innocent man”
  10. “Company, Management, Management family are all the same. reliance Board Room discussions are equal to Ambani Kitchen room discussions”


  1. @ 7 that hapeless fellow was me 🙂

    Comment by rituraj — August 18, 2010 @ 4:36 pm | Reply

  2. Sahi hai boss!!!! Keep it up

    Comment by Vaibhav Gupta — August 21, 2010 @ 7:25 pm | Reply

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